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Released On: November 07, 2020

The Urban League of Rhode Island joins the nation in congratulating President- elect Joe Biden and Vice President -elect Kamala Harris.

The Urban League of Rhode Island is proud to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. We note with pride that Vice President Elect Kamala Harris is the first woman and the first black elected to serve in this office. We offer both congratulations and prayers for a successful tenure in office. We pledge our support for their efforts to unify our nation and promote equality and justice for all. This election marks a beginning , not the end of the struggle for peace and harmony as we move forward as one nation.

We also applaud those who helped to get out the vote and insure that all voices were heard and “mattered”. Americans of all races, color, and ethnicities participated in this election. We look forward to the leadership of the new administration as we continue to pursue the Urban League agenda of economic empowerment and social justice for the black community and other underserved or marginalized communities.

We support the National Urban League’s call as stated by the National Urban League President, Marc Morial:

“We call on all Americans to join us in turning the page to a new chapter of history, setting aside our differences so we can defeat the pandemic and rebuild a more inclusive economy.

Beverly E. Ledbetter
President & Chair
Urban League of Rhode Island
on behalf of the ULRI Board
Andre Howell
Bettye Williams Clanton
Glenn S. Prescod
Marcus Mitchell
Jorge Cardenas
Grace Gonzalez

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